L.V Switchgear, Automation & Control Components
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The Leader In Industrial Automation
Taj Automation, launched in 2007, is now one of the leading independent importer and distributor of industrial automation and control components across Pakistan from world-renowned brands.
Product Overview
1. Circuit Breakers (MCCB, MCB, MPCB)
2. Magnetic Contactors & Overload Relays
3. DOL Starters
4. Limit Switches & Safety Limit Switches
5. Sensors (Proximity, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Area, Safety, Fiber Optic, Fork)
6. Power Supplies
7. PLCs
8. Timers & Counters
9. Pressure Switches & Transmitters
10. Flow Transmitters
11. Temperature/Process controllers & Transmitters
12. Safety Relays, Controllers & Non-contact Safety Sensors
13. Rotary & Linear Encoders
14. Burner Controllers, Relays, Solenoid Valves, UV Sensors & Photo-Diodes
15. Water Pump Pressure Switches
16. Isolated Main Rotary Switches
17. Phase, Voltage Monitoring & Thermistor Relays
18. Float Level Switches
19. Pressure Switches for all fluids
20. Floatless Level Relay & Electrode holder
21. Flow Switches (Air & Water)
22. Bladed Rotary Level Control & Magnetic Level Control

Our company is constantly updating our stock with the latest products in the market to increase the performance of the machines and reduce the downtime in the manufacturing industries.
Copyrights © 2020 CEO: Anil Aslam (Electrical Engineer, McMaster University, Canada)
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